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Thursday, October 12, 2017 - 9:50 AM - 10:30 AM

How to steer an elephant: Understanding consumer perception to design more effective brand experiences

Attracting consumers to your proposition can feel like moving an elephant – pushing and cajoling simply doesn’t work. This session will examine the power of consumer perception and how our subconscious drives our behaviors and beliefs around brands. It will explore strategies on how to win by tapping into existing norms and past experiences. Amy brings examples and stories from both the client side and the creative service side, making this session strategic and readily actionable.

During this session you will learn:

- How our inherent wiring drives our beliefs and behaviors about brands
- How to harness that knowledge to design more effective brand experiences
- And, the answer to “how do you steer an elephant?”


Amy Brusselback
Design B&B

About your Presenter

Amy Brusselback comes from a family of artists and craftsman, yet spent 20 years in the corporate world with Procter & Gamble across varied categories, including as the head of design for its beauty businesses. It’s this melding of the right and the left brains that makes her a force in the design industry.

Amy has led every aspect of design from idea generation to in-store execution, and motivated design teams as large as 100 on nine global sites across every discipline from industrial to graphic to fashion design. She has a proven ability to define and activate multi-billion dollar global brands by transforming their historical equities into relevant, modern expressions. She’s led full identity restages for brands such as Pringles, Folgers, Olay, Venus, Old Spice, and Pantene.

As the co-founder of Design B&B, Amy set out to create the agency she always wished she could hire. Driven by the belief that design must be both surprising and obvious, Design B&B helps clients find their point of difference and then tell that story holistically and viscerally.

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