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Friday, October 13, 2017 - 2:20 PM - 3:00 PM

On the verge of disruption - What makes a category disruptable and how can you be that disruptor?

There aren't really any new ideas. But the right mixture of macro trends can make once implausible ideas become the next big thing. In the taxi industry, we saw Uber. In hotels, Airbnb. In retail, Amazon. In home entertainment, Netflix. These companies didn't and couldn't exist 25 years ago, but today they disrupt and lead their respective categories. Much work has been to done to analyze the success of these brands, but in this session we'll deep dive into a category on the verge of disruption and see the inner workings of one of the leading disruptors.

AJ will discuss the inner workings of Wonolo, a silicon valley startup, born inside the halls of The Coca-Cola Company, taking on the $130B US staffing industry. While the story of Wonolo is still being written, the mechanics and values to be learned can be translated and implemented across companies, whether small and scrappy or large and leaders of their field.

Key Takeaways:

  • Understand how to use transparency to your advantage.
  • See how empowering your users drives brand love and loyalty.
  • How breaking tradition not only accelerates growth, but builds a defensible moat from competitors.


AJ Brustein
Co-Founder and COO

About your Presenter

AJ Brustein is Co-Founder and COO of Wonolo, a mobile on-demand staffing platform that matches the supply and demand of labor for immediate job needs. Based in San Francisco CA, he has led Wonolo to exponential growth by reinventing the temporary staffing industry with transparency, data, and performance. Wonolo has created hundreds of thousands of jobs for Wonoloers and helped companies get work done better, cheaper, and faster.

Prior to founding Wonolo, AJ was the Director of the Coca-Cola Innovation Accelerator in San Francisco CA. In this role, he developed disruptive startup opportunities through which Wonolo was born.

Before making the entrepreneurial leap, AJ was the Senior Global Brand Manager for The Coca-Cola Company and has 10 years of brand marketing experience with a heavily focus on brand strategy, global campaigns, and had a specific focus on digital communication and pack / equipment / product / communication innovation where he led numerous award-winning projects including Where Will Happiness Strike Next (became one of the most awarded Coca-Cola programs of the past decade and continues to gather accolades), PlantBottle packaging (100% recyclable, 30% made from plants), and Furu Furu Shaker (named the top product launch of the year in Japan).

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